forever changing
2003-04-11 03:48:55 (UTC)

he's back!!!

i got to see vj!!! vj is a friend of mine i have known
since kindergarten. he is so grand. we never really hung
out until last year and and this year we have gotten pretty
close. and he just got out of a "hospital" not too long ago
and he is on home study now so i haven't seen him in a
while and he showed up at school on tuesday at lunch. i was
so happy to see him again, he has changed a lot well what i
mean is he has let himself explore his darker desires i
guess. it is kinda funny because now so many people think
he is so sxy and all this stuff and i guess he is kinda sxy
but i never really thought of him that way, but i guess he
has thought of me like that because he has been making lil
hints like he lieks me then like today on the bus home i
said it was weird that i see him more now than i did when
he actually went to the school and he said well would you
like to see me more often. but it kinda came out wrong and
so i jsut kinda laughed cause he made a funny noise and
moved on. earlier i was talking to him online and he said
flat out "i love you marry me" and i just asked him what he
was on. then he told me that he loves me and wants to go
out with me so i asked what??? and he said seriously and i
was just silent becasue i didn't know what to say, but then
he said "we're too close we can't do that nvm" and that is
when i finally told him that i didn't wanta boyfriend right
now anyways, so yea my day has been interesting. vj is so
grand i love that boy but jsut as a friend.