lillian jeanne
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2003-04-11 03:22:50 (UTC)

phillies games :)

hey hey hey! third phillies game in a week... holla!
LOL...anyway - yeah i think im a jinx though cuase the
phillies never win why im there and thome and burrell are
really letting me down! not to mention jroll...he did some
tonight - but not the other days...i feel like im bad luck!
lol! so yeah, ralph and i went down, freezed our butts off!
like mad but it was cool - got some red fro wigs, saw jenny
mac...good times. chilled in mish with MT and I did all
this instead of studying for soc tomorrow! yeah go me! i
think i know a little nervous but whatever ill have
to get through it right! tomorrow im goign home to do
molly's hair for her junior prom, then back here for mike's
bday and then i think my baby is staying then saturday is
spring fling then sunday is RA training and then CAJH
fest. i guess its not a good idea to go to RA training
hung over huh... not so much! lol! ok im out! im really
nervous bout soc... but cant do much bout it now! God help
me! @)-}----

You want love?* We'll make it *Swimming a deep sea *Of blankets *Take
all your big plans *And break 'em *This is bound to be a while
*Something 'bout the way the hair falls in your face *I love the
shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase* You tell me
where to go* and Though I might leave to find it *I'll never let your
head hit the bed *Without my hand behind it* --I love you sweetheart!!
(John Mayer- Your Body is a Wonderland)

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