forever changing
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2003-04-11 03:05:27 (UTC)


i started to write a poem about matt and how i am trying to
make him feel guilty this is how it goes

a guilty consciousponders
only he holds the truth
every comment a threat
but noone knows why he is guilty
guilt is not what is left when the relationship dies
only memories and sighs
guilt is what is left when on ewas never honest
the relationship a lie
accused of nothing
simply asked for the truth
he stumbles into guilt
but of what?
why can his mind not rest
on a no or a yes
one word is all that was asked for
a single word for a tortured soul
no matter what the answer
both would cause the same pain
he decides to give nothing
which hurts so much more
not a sharp peircing pain
stinging for a while and leaving
this is a dull pressuring ache
ceasless throbbing through the night
. . .

that is all i have and i don't know how to finish it.

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