Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-04-11 02:49:32 (UTC)


Yes... its true i am very depressed!! but then again what
else is new? i mean really, me and Samantha think we are
suffering from depression! its crazy! we looked it all up
and like we have 15 outta 16 signs :( but then again its me
we are talking about i shoulda known this would happen to
me! And people told us how we might have Bipolar too! i was
like GREAT!!how fun right?! but anyways... ditchweed is
asking me if i am okay b/c my msn name
is ::lonely,Unwanted,and Depressed:: and i cant tell him,
he might think i am wierd or sumthing....! i am freezing
damnit!! i hate this....... i am soo confused about life!
and it seems that i have to lie to people to be accepted by
them,and i hate that but otherwise they look at me like i
am a f*ckin loser :( so what am i supposed to do, let them
look at me and think im a loser or lie to them and let them
see me as an awsome person? and its not like i lie about
some huge thing, its justs just lil white lies! and i'm
thinking about going to church to do a confession...... b/c
im a very bad lil girl, i mean i just wanna get it off my
chest so i dont have to carry it around with me! not like
im gonna become some perfect lil girl now!! HAHA that'd be
some funny shit to see!! but yea i better be off now!