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2003-04-11 01:01:27 (UTC)

in time memories fade

so today went a little better than yesterday. went back
with lino and got the shots he needed and then got my tux.
so i accomplished everything i was supposed to do on
wednesday, except i did it on thursday... well mood is
getting kinda worse. like i'm so open about some things
right now. i'm acting kinda like a jerk, but if someone
pisses me off i tell them. i'm not "sugar-coating"
anything at the point. someone got in my way on purpose
and wouldn't let me get by as a joke. i was like stop
being a fucking ass and let me go to class. it sounds
mean, but it's not the first time, plus i can deal with
stupid little jokes right now. so the day was pretty
mellow. people think it's funny when i dont talk very much
but i make little comments on some things that turn them
into an uproar of laughter, honestly what i say isn't that
funny. example..in math i was trying to get this girl jen,
that gives me a ride home's attention cause she said she
couldn't give me a ride home and this other girl was
saying "what" everytime i called the jen's name. so i turn
around and in a kinda low voice but pretty angry
expression i say "shut the fuck up" and then turn around.
and the people around us were laughing sooo hard. and then
were like dude he's mad. so i turned around smiled and
then tried to get jen's attention again. the girl keep
bugging me saying your'e not really mad are you and all
this crap. i guess i seemed threatning, but oh well, i'm
harmless. so i guess my day was ok, but still it was
fucking freezing...and it's april in florida. it's
supposed to be hot. well now i'll just go to sleep or
something more productive then listening to the oh so
enjoyable sounds of other people singing of how miserable
they are with an acoustic guitar and some mellow beats
playing in the background...i love emo.