2003-04-11 00:21:13 (UTC)

Change In The Wind

Just back from first vacation in two years. Back from a too-
long-since visit to the seaside. Too-long-since visit with a
very good friend. A somewhat cloistered event. Only contact
with others (strangers) took place at restaurants, grocery,
drug, and liquor stores, and hotel personnel. Weather was
incredible! Waves crashing and kissing the sand was wonderful
to continuously hear in the background, extremely healing and
renewing. Wonderful deeply intimate conversations filled with
updating, reminiscence, and exploratory aspects doted with
comfortable moments of silence. There is nothing more
precious than the possession of a good and true friend.
Grateful to God, I have one!

My pets missed me, perhaps equally to my missing them? The
first morning hours spent petting, brushing, playing and such
with each one of twelve cats and birds. They currently nap
while I get caught-up on snail mail, email and phone calls.

Excellent workout! Felt good to discover my muscles haven't
diminished as much as expected from sporadic sessions
dispersed with couch sitting while watching war news. Gained
a few pounds, also expected, could be worse... at least the
timing is conducive to losing weight, if ever a good time for
gaining weight?

Not seeing or hearing war news, while on vacation, was an
added plus! Couldn't avoid the bumper stickers, yard signs,
or banners in windows... pleased to see freedom-of-speech
alive and well, regardless of my personal opinions or bent on
the current state of affairs.

Not too pleased with the direction some of the demonstrations
have taken. It's so counter productive and unattractive, on
any level, when things turn destructive and/or violent,
particularly when claiming to promote peace. At the same time
we question the hows and whys of war when we are unable to
behave in a peaceful way on an individual level. The pot &
kettle come to mind. Or stones and glass houses. Perhaps,
the real
question is, will we ever learn? Mysterious?

HSO recently completed his first week at work, following a
year of unemployment. What a long year it was. Reflection is
in order, for sure. Our days and nights were as full as any,
while holding down a job. I certainly wasn't ready for a life
of retirement living or constant companionship 24/7, let
alone 365! Wise decision, taking a vacation!