thats absurd
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2003-04-10 22:38:06 (UTC)

Floobidy Flay Flee Floy cacza the Aztec Warrior of Rastafunk craptits cancer

If any of all you all get past the title and know who Art
Garfunkle is and can comprehend the fact that i dont have
any real "Kidneys" as you mortals cal them and
kfbaskidfgbjasdhfhkashdfbasfbasdfua is fun than just stop
the jksdhfghjklfgwsbrukahc;lxmsbdfjkwehjrtofgldsighk and
get me a sandwitch...bitch.

Whoa, sorry about that. just a little crazitude I gotstuh
lets it go sometimes. nahwadeyemsayn. I relize now that
capitolism and democracy is a little bit of facism a little
bit of this or that and what everyone wants is comunism (if
thats how you spell it)I myself prefer pudding.

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