Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
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2003-04-10 22:12:56 (UTC)

What I'd like to say.....

My name is Jordan.... no one knows me as Jordan I am only
known as this little hyper FREAK jojo or jo or jodan!
Jordan is a quiet little shy child. But Jojo is a psycho
girl that doesn't care about what people think of her.
Jodan Is a Best friend to EVERYONE. Jo is a cute little
girl that loves to play and mess around. I have like multi
personalities. I have issues with life right now, I don't
know what to think I am not one of those gothic chickz that
says they wanna kill theirselves when i dont feel that way.
I am my own person not considering myself ANYTHING
punk/gothic preppy/rapper anything else u wanna say its all
bullshit and i am over it. People saying im punk when there
nothing near it so i am like w/e fuck that. Anywayz Im only
13 years old well in an acception to brigette, if ur
reading this im 6,969 years old! hahaha well anywayz to all
my friends out there that make life worth living I
appreciate it fully! Well my life right now isnt working
out the best way possible, long ass story behind this but
my sister left,she is only 16 she had to go back to her
other family, the fuck ups. Anywayz I loved her so fucking
much, she was the reason i came home and the one reason i
enojyed being at home minus the screaming at me 24:7. I
miss her SO much, when she left she took a piece of my
heart with it! People tell me to get over it and I
say "Fuck off if you lost ur sister than id support you so
do the same for me you crackhead" So many people were
affected deeply by her leaving, especially me, you dont
even know how much i love that girl Named Asheligh. She was
the center of my sun and the earths in it. I now officially
keep all of my feelings, hostility and depression in a
locked up chamber and i lost the key! But anywayz i am glad
that i am talking to her on the internet and the FONE
sometimes! I am fucking up in school ONCE again, But wait i
think i could fuck up a little more:
sit in class and do nothing and fail, I could go out at 4
am and get caught, but then id be another Jacob I could get
really high and tell my mom that i have done drugs, or get
really high and fuck some guy and get preagnant at 13, i
could drink HEAVILY and get real drunk and be totally
screwed over the next day. I could get kicked out of school
go to some alt. school like OMI and get kicked out of
there, become a prostitute and fuck any guy that will pay
me 40$ for some food. Life could get worse, I just hope it