Remember to Breathe
2003-04-10 21:11:10 (UTC)


I don't really know what is new enough to start a brand
new entry, but here goes anyway. I went to a grand total
of one class this whole week. I spent every night over
at Smith, just watching movies and such. Last night we
went to Walmart, which was equally exciting. I've
officially developed a smoker's cough, which is strange
since I don't even smoke cigarettes. I'm pretty sure I've
also developed mock mono. I've been sleeping so much, it
isn't funny. I've also become a nocturnal creature,
staying up until six in the morning and sleeping until
four in the afternoon. It is getting ridiculous. I don't
really have anything else to talk about. I'm still head
over heels for Brett. We are both going to the same
concert in the cities soon, but unfortunately, I'm going
with my ex and his buddies, and he's going with who knows
who. Red Hot Chili Peppers should rock though. One more
thing I've realized lately is that if I were to let anyone
read these diary entries, especially Brett, I would look
like a pathetic loser. I guess that is why I don't tell
anyone where this diary is. Sure is a good reason. Wish
me luck, I am once again going to try and talk to Brett,
but hopefully I won't wuss out once again.

"Lost for you, I'm so lost for you when you come crash
into me."
-Dave Matthew's Band-