champagne supernova
2003-04-10 19:52:14 (UTC)

dry pretzels

im sitting in lunch right now and my pretzels are dry. i
have been working but bottom off latly and i love it! i
have like all this crzy energy and i have no idea where it
is flippin comming from and i just .. i hope the work pays
off .. grade wise i mean!!! oh GOOD NEWS! my mom is
getting my airplane ticket for me this week !!!!!! ahhh!!
im so flippin happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! im going to be gone from
june 28 till july 13!!!! and bobby is comming back with
me!!! woo hoo! a whole month of us together!!! yes! ioh!
and to let u know, i am having a birthday thing at memories
on june 23, i woulkd love u all to comeQ!!! invitations
comming soon!! byebey!