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2003-04-10 18:18:50 (UTC)

No more vampires before sleep...

My dreams are easily affected by the things I see on t.v.
Such as last nights Angel episode. It wasn't even done. It
was a to be continued, which is so much worse. It just left
me hanging. Fred was suppose to kill this chick that is
suppose to be like god in everyone else's eyes. She got
exposed and was out there all alone. The End. See ya next
time. Well that's just crap. I had nightmares that I had to
defeat that woman. And she kept touching me. They said that
when she touches you it's bad. The guy touched by her
showed Fred his face. I woke up I think it was twice that
night. But I wasn't sweatingmuch at all so I just went back
to sleep. I wake up to beautiful spring break.

Yes it's finally here. Actually we still have school today
but I missed it cause were doing nothing productive in
every single class, except 8th period. I have freestreet
later though. So I gotta figure out how exactly to get
there and pretty much on time, taking the shortest amount
of time. No one can drive me cause car number one shows up
at 4-5 p.m. and car number two leaves before 4. So I either
sit on the bus for a good hour and a half, or wait at
freestreet for about that time before anybody comes, or I
take a stab at taking the train in the right direction and
trying to figure out where to walk from there. I might just
do the last one if I'm running late.

REGARDING MY LAST ENTRY, I couldn't make myself do it. Oh
well. My new thing to loose the amount of weight to go back
to how I was just a few days ago is to "live and let live,
fairly take and fairly give." (Wiccan Rede) I'll live my
life. I'f I'm meant to have a certain weight then I'll live
with it. I like the feel of having less though. So I'll
just be more active. (I was more active with a few pounds
less. It felt great. Almost perfect I could say.) I'm
starting to skate and hopefully that will break through and
fit into my life quite nicely. Other then that I do yoga
whenever I can, and move as much whenever I can.

I'd write more, but at that point it would be like, I'd
have to write everything, and that would be like Marisas
character. Nah. I don't wanna do that. But let me go back
for one more paragraph regarding my last entry.