Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-04-10 18:10:10 (UTC)

This is SICK

God, these guys are Crazy. In a serious mental condition
way. Now, when I heard Americans talking about crazy
Christians I always thought they were exaggerating but
seeing this...makes me feel soooo wrong. The Christians
who run this site are wrng in the head. "Caution! Count the
cost. Satan hates the live web cam project because it
actually has the power to interfere with the delivery of
his daily diet of slaughtered babies. Satan gets very angry
when his favorite food (sacrificed human babies) fails to
be delivered. Come to think about it, delete the "Caution"
idea. Interrupting Satan's food source is a great reason to
help us with this project!" Then they bribe people into it
with a bloody bumper sticker. This site needs to be closed

Watch People Going in and out of Baby Butcher Shops in Your
City or Town." They're fucking demented.

Shit....I hate those people. Its sickening how dumb people
can be. I aint got nothing again christians it's just

In other news....French coursework needed to be written up
today. Lastnight I wrote it out on paper with holes, and
paper without I could spend the lesson writing
absolute crap then switch the papers over and it'd be right
but no. The plan didn't work. We had to write on alternate
lines. Bitch! I spent the lesson looking through the
dictionarry trying to put words together in the future
tense. Sigh. Why can't French be about my needs?