People are evil WHy?
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2003-04-10 17:43:54 (UTC)

Teachers, school

I am gonna go crazy because Mr. Mitchell won't tell me what
is wrong with his class room and no one else knows. How
dumb! He says he can't talk about it. i think someone broke
into it! Whoopiti do da day. Why couldn't he just say that?

anyways.... I have dance for two hours today, dont get
me wrong i love dance and all but Mrs. Jager drives me
crazy! SHe is so whats the word? oh hell i dont know she
just is. and the costumes we got are cute but the top is to
tight. Oh will just have to deal with it. I have to go to a
lighting rehersal after school for 2 stinking hours.
agghhh. oh crap i have to call my dad and tell him to brign
my food. ok one more thing to remember.
I don't think i am goin to prom, because that is kinda
stupid to go to prom if you dont have a date and if your a
freshman. I think i'll wait until next year or the year
after that. and it wil be boring anyways.
Tomorrow is friday and i get to go to a preview of the
dance concert. that should be good. I think this years
Spring Concert is gonna suck, becuase my niece isnt doing
her dance and my dance sucks and i have heard that alot of
choreography's dances suck too. Oh well.
Spring Break starts tomorrow and Sunday we are leaving for San
Fransisco, i hope it is nice cuz i wanna go climb the letters again.
That was fun. and i want to go shopping to, but there is no point
since i am losing wieght and no telling how much i amm gonna loss. SO
im not buyng any clothes for a while, unless they are small and on
sale. then maybe.
Well i g2g. Until we meet again