Diary of an American Witch
2003-04-10 16:45:27 (UTC)

What she taught me today

Why is it that things like meditation, and yoga help us as
much as they do?

Because Man was meant to be a spiritual creature. But we
have forgotten all that. We neglect our spirit in trade
for the issues of the bodily world. That is why we despair.
When we meditate, we focus on our spirit, and if we let it
speak to us, it will guide us in the proper direction.
People fear to speak to their soul because it will first
show us what is "wrong" with us. It does not do this to
be cruel, it does this because the regrets, and sorrows in
our hearts are a barrier between our minds, and our
spirits. We must see these things, spend time with them,
move past them. Only then can we truly be who we wish to

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