duhs world
2003-04-10 12:11:11 (UTC)


i have come to a realization about my feelings. yeah the
feelings are there and i know thay r strong but no one
else belives me. it crushes me that the guy i love and a
girl that is suppose to be my friend is going out on a
date. well its okay thats fine but the problem is that he
wont drop things i did with his friends which is
bullshit. he says she is nastey and that he has no
interst in her. but everytime i say something she runs her
mouth to him or to some other people about what i say. i
dont need enemys when i have friends like that. Everyone
thinks i care that people hate me or dont like me i dont
what ever that means they dont know me. the real me is
coming out. and no one likes it. i am telling everyone
now i am tired of the bullshit everyone does so if ur
goign to talk shit or even run ur mouth dont come to me
and dont talk to me. and if u do talk to me then u run ur
mouth dont plan on me talking to u from then on.
i sit back and think y should i even worry about him
dateing other girls??? well i know exactly y. he goes for
girls that use him and dont like him and girls that run
their mouthes. or girls he thinks that will give him
everything. but the one that really cares and that does
give him everything that he wants, if i have the money, is
me and i do try to get him everything he wants but i guess
thats not good enough but i guess its life when i fuck up
and i will never get what i want and i will be by myself
all the time now

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