2003-04-10 10:06:09 (UTC)

Better off Alone

Better off Alone

somtimes things don't make any kind of sense at all
but somtimes its better to not make sense of some things
somtimes i wish i knew what life had in store for me
but somtimes it is better to not know what life brings

somtimes i wish i could change things ive done in the past
but somtimes i'm glad because i learned from past mistakes
somtimes i think things i have done could have been avoided
but somtimes doing things we regret is what it somtime takes

somtimes i feel so alone because i sit alone in the night
but somtimes i feel as if i am much better off being this way
so i will just sit here alone by myself in the black night
and hope and have faith that things will change for me someday.

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