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2003-04-10 07:38:07 (UTC)

lovey dovey crap

I decided that I want to be in love. And I know ive said I
love you to people before but I want that full out loving
feeling, the feeling that I have never expierenced before.
I know im being selfish asking for this, but I dont care.
I dont really think its selfish because who doesnt want
this? I dunno maybe ive been shutting my heart down
slowly, because I simply just dont care about things that
I used to. Or maybe im just growing up and I dont let
certain things bother me as much as they used to. Could be
a sign for a mature relationship and not anymore of those
stupid high school lovey-dovey, gotta see you everyday,
talk to you for hours on end, celebrate every month
anniversary, I love you knoooooooooow I love you
relatation ships. I mean how do you really know who you
love and dont love, that word is thrown around so much it
kind of loses meaning. So im only going to say it to
people who I truley "love" . And I truley only love a few
people, whats sad is that its mostly my friends and only a
few of my family who im willing to say "I love you" to.
well thats enough with the lovey junk, kinda weird how I
want to be in love but I cant stand talking about it. Who
knows what I want right?