My Heart and Soul....
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2003-04-10 07:22:55 (UTC)

April 9

Sorry, I can't think of a more enthusiastic title.

I don't really have a lot to update everyone on. I called my
guidance counselor today, and I am going to take my GED test
in June, just after my "class" graduates. So, I'll still be
having a grad party and stuff like that. As far as college
goes, I don't really know just yet. It mostly depends on
what Josh and I decide.

On that subject, I want to make clear to everyone in my life
that Josh and I are in fact very happy with one another
right now. While neither one of us are sure where we will be
in the months to come, we have talked about it, and are in
agreement that our lives, at least for the immeadiate
future, will include the two of us, together. We haven't
made any definate plans. Right now, we are tossing around
ideas of Florida or maybe North Carolina. He has to move out
of his apartment, since it is being sold. He is going tp
stay in Danby for the time being, but we have talked about
moving in together this summer, depending on my job
situation. I know a lot of people are upset at the prospect
of us persuing a life together, but I want everyone to know
that I love him very much. And frankly, I am sick of people
who don't know the first thing about our relationship taking
it upon themselves to gossip about our happiness and well
being. Especially when this gossip is getting back to his
ex-girlfriend, who is confronting him about it. Nevermind
that I am offended by the audacity on her part to inquire
into our relationship, because I don't feel that it is any
of her concern...I am put out that his "friends" are the
ones that are saying things. Maybe when we first hooked up,
both of our intentions were not in the right place. And yes,
we both were unsure about getting involved in a
relationship. But the time that we have spent together so
far has only reaffirmed for both of us that we do indeed
share something very special. I have never in my life felt
so comfortable with a boyfriend. We have so much in common,
and there is never a dull moment. Our relationship is a lot
healthier than those of the very people who think they can
criticize us. So-to all those people---please mind your own
buisness. We are very happy together, and try all you want,
you are not going to change the fact that we want our lives
to go on together for a very long time.

Josh-You know I love you more than I can put into words. I
want to thank you for all that you have put into this
relationship. We've both had to make some sacrafices, and we
both give to each other unconditionally. You make me feel
like the most special person in the world, and I love you
more than anything. Thank you for all that you have done for
me, and thank you for loving me. I say it everytime I write,
but I want you to know that you are the one that I love, and
I look forward to everything I know that we will share in
the months to come. You are my baby, and I truly am MESMERIZED.

Gaby-I didn't forget you. You're always going to be my best
friend. I know that we have grown apart. I hope we can
remedy that. Our lives will probably not ever take the same
exact path, but we've made it through a lot so far, I'm sure
we will make it through any other obstacles that get thrown
in our way. Just remember...talk to me. Thats what I'm here
for. And I will try to open up to you more. I know you are
there for me, and that means everything to me. I do love
Josh, but you will always be more important in my eyes,
because you have been there when everyone else desserted me.
You are now, and always will be my best friend.

I guess thats all. I don't mean to sound bitchy. I just want
certain people to lay off of our relationship, and maybe,
you know...focusing on your own and NOT cheating on your
girlfriend....... :- The truth hurts. DEAL.

Alright. I love you all. Keep in touch.

With All My Love,