skankin jesse

what a world
2003-04-10 06:05:36 (UTC)

Sometimes I just want to..................

Well today was almopst like any other day. I woke up and
was super tired again. I stayed up till like 12:30 or 1, I
was just thinking about things. (Ash you know what i was
thinking about and that was pretty cool. Then I went to
school and it was cool. Then during 1st i got freaked out
because there's this poster in the drama room of this
college and it has someone leaping in the air and there
doing the splits. So i thought it was a girl and it was
really a guy and me and the all of the stage crew people
started to laugh. Then during second we watched a movie.
And during 3rd we just worked in the groups we were
assigned and i got to teach the class for like 10 mins so
that was cool. Then during 4th we had someone read us a
couple of poems and then my teacher read us this story and
it was cool. Then at lunch the stalker kept on stareing at
me so that was weird. During 5th i worked on my page and
during 6th i lifted weights. Then after school I went to
newsstaff and worked then i went to the gym and I played
basketball and got ready for the assembly. Then after that
I got ready to go up to Rio Hondo to go wrestle and I
wrestled and it felt so good. Then me nick and franco went
to go and get something to drink and then we drove franco
home and then nick dropped me off. so today was a really
eventful day and tomorrow is going to be even better.

Question of the day: Why do girls act the way thwy do?

Song of the day: "Dream on" By Aerosmith