2003-04-10 04:43:57 (UTC)


What are you greedy for that I'm not. I want you. I want
only you. Can't you see it in my eyes? Can't you see how
much I love you? Don't you know I've never felt this way
about anyone EVER? I won't forfeit that for fear. FUCK
fear! I want you. I want to be with you only. What else
can I say? Is the fact that I love you not enough? I
can't calm your fears and you can't calm mine. Only Jesus
can do that and He's been so faithful to calm mine. Trust
is a gamble. I choose to trust you. What else can I do
that wouldn't negate all that is truth to me? Loving you
is more than a fleeting emotion. It is providence. I won't
give that up....even if you do. I'm here. I'm not going to
quit unless you tell me its hopeless. Even then I'll still
love you. I was destined to love you. File that away in
the back of your mind.

"perfect love casts out all fear".

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