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2003-04-10 02:15:28 (UTC)

wind ensemble concert

Hah tonight was the Wind Ensemble concert. It was REALLY
good. I finally met Chris Reardon--he's coming to GS next
year as a first year senior. His friend Cliff is hot (but
off limits). I also met the flutist who's coming here next
year. Her name's Heather....and I don't like her already.

Back to the concert--the Whitacre and Vaughn Williams went
really well. Got to go sit backstage for the chamber
stuff. Had to listen to them earlier today and they
sounded really good. The William Byrd and Sousa march went
well. I got out all the high B-flats!!! Go me!!! I kinda
screwed up in the Mayden's Song (from William Byrd) but I
don't think anyone really noticed except me and maybe DH.
Everyone kept commenting on my piccolo skills. I was kinda
disappointed DH didn't acknowledge me in the William Byrd
even though I HAD A SOLO TOO (Wolsey's Wilde). Oh well. I
wasn't really excpecting him to remember cuz itz not
marked in the score. That's all ppl really commented to me
about. I felt the concert went really well. Ugh I don't
know why I was no nervous....maybe itz cuz I was
anticipating Steve would be there. I knew he would be
there--Jonathan was playing w/ us. Of course he'd come. He
just HAS to see his student perform. Hehehehe. Afterwards
we were waiting outside for the bus to come back and we
were going crazy. He prolly thinks we're all fucking crazy
now. Hehehehe. Itz all good.

Now all I wanna do is go to Hilton Head. No more
class...just hop on that bus to Hilton Head. Steve's
coming to that too. he'll see how much I suck
on violin (in addition to flute/picc). Oh well. I'm
staying at Katie Peterson's parents and with Allison,
Stephanie and Emily Chapman. Me and Marge are gonna be
bus/everything else buddies although she's staying w/
Maggie and Ellen. I really hope this weekend goes well.

Wow, overall today was pretty good. This morning I got out
of bed ON TIME (hehehe). English was cancelled cuz Mrs.
Schantz is sick (not good, but I did get practice time!).
We had rehearsal at Gunter from 12-2:45 which meant no
theory for some of us juniors!!! Whoo!!! In AP Psych we
watched the rest of "The Power of One". Oooooh that movie
made me SOOOOO mad. But itz all good.

Gaaaaaahhhhhh. I hope tomorrow goes by quickly.

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