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2003-04-10 01:59:42 (UTC)

Saturday, Saturday

I went to a rave with Adam and Crystal saturday night....
when I
oicked them up... I walked in to find Adam drunk and almost
passed out on the kitchen table... he made his way outside
and got in the car... then proceeded to barf just before I
pulled away... luckily he didn't do it inside the car...
the Shadow doesn't appreciate being barfed on... after he
was done doing that, we made our way to Springfield.. The
club was fun... different from the other ones I had been
to.. but really fun none the less... I warmed up to Adam a
little bit... the first time I met him I kept referring to
him as "Satan"... only because that's the first thing that
came to mind when I saw him... now I see that he's a really
nice guy.. and I enjoy talking to him... Crystal kept
me that he was a really nice guy... but I never believed it
because he made me drive all the way to MANCHESTER to pick
him up and then decide that he couldn't go out that
night! :p If you're reading Adam, I'm not really But I was then, lol. Anyway.. we didn't get
home till about 2 or 3.. then me and Crystal made pasta...
watched Monsters Inc.... then fell asleep. And that was my

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