The confusing epic of muh life
2003-04-10 00:44:11 (UTC)


lol ok theres a dance on friday like a reg. 1 so meh nicole
and kristen r going 2 go and act like losers and heres the
plan we get all cute (well meh and nikki) skirts shirts
purses belts shoes hair everything then when we get tehre
after about 15 minutes when the fun of being dressed wears
off we r gunna change into our bball shorts (frum our loser
dance) and put our hair up b cuz come on u cant dance in
skrist and itll be our last dance b 4 promo we wanted have
fun so yea its gunna be a blast they r coming over after
skool on friday and we r eatin and hanging out getting
readi then going yay!!!

ima learn muh duo 4 next competition this saturday w/
katlyn (frum dance not skool) and its 2 american woman by
lenny kravits lol(her dad wants 2 ride his harley in it )

ok now matt matt matt matt wut can i say hesfreakin meh out
we got into this huge discussion on couples and how firneds
and dating is the same thing (muh opinion) we fought over
it 4 like an hour and the other day he told his frined i
was his gf on "accident" it was weird hes gettin crazy on
meh 2 bad i dont like him like that

the braces club rocks meh sam krista nikkiand rachel r in
it lol we made a fort @ the studio w/ matts dividers on
saturday it was so kool man o man and every1 got pissed b
cuz only we were allowed in it and they couldnt be in or
club jen and hillary and whitney and jayme were pissed but

but i gotta get readi soon PEACE [email protected]