The confusing epic of muh life
2003-04-10 00:36:27 (UTC)


heres the sumwhat plan katlyn wants 2 rent a limo w/ meh
her alex kristen brittany allie jessica and gisslle then we
go out 2 dinner after b cuz its muh b day which sounds like
fun so i was like tite b cuz we r all going stag except
kristen and alex since theyve been going out 4 a year lol
then we were thinking of incorperating sum of alexs firends
so it wouldnt be as akwardlike chris(muh love)lol and jesse
hehe no 1 knos i like chris
ok so heres the crap!~
* Andrew is going w/ shalane which doesnt bother meh b cuz
i dont like him but i felt reali bad 4 holly b cuz holly
has liked andrew since he came but he asked shalane and
holly was asking every1 all day "is there sumfin wrong w
* adrine asked chris......
heres the thing for the past weeks ive been noticing how
much i like chrisHes one of muh best guy friends and hes
reali kool hes like the perfect person his sweet and hes
cute and hes smart he makes meh feel good bout muhself and
hes a tap dancer @ elite and so we have stuff 2 talk about
and i was thinking about asking him wut he was doing 4
promo but heres the funni part meh chris and like sum other
people were in a group and meh and chris were talking and
stuff and holly comes up and is like chris i kno sum 1 who
likes u and he goes r they in 6th grade b cuz sumone told
meh and shes like NO 8th and they wanna talk 2 u b4 the
dance and hes like o ook and so we go bac 2 talking and
hanging out but then he had 2 go so he left and i talked 2
sum other people and adriene comes up and is like whered
chris go and im like idk i think he left and shes like oooo
and im like y and shes like o i juz wanted 2 say bye then
we talked 2 day and yesterday and i was gunna ask him 2 day
about promo not like 2 go w/ meh juz wut he was fdoing but
adriene was "looking 4 him" and we were talking and people
tried 2 pul him away and hes like i dk if i wanta go but
then they pulled her up and she asked and he looked kinda
scared and then he mummbled sureand she hugged him and
walked off and holly was there so he couldnt reali say ne
thing so we started talking about getting old and stuff and
dance and how we feel old but then i went right and he went
left and he kept like talking like shouting kinda lol but
hes juz so cute kristen was telling meh that he wanted 2 go
w/ people as friends b cuz hes not supposed 2 date (his
parnets r reali catholic) and he wants to "respect his
mother" omg so cute im reali starting 2 like him and im
reali sad now i guess its bac to the original plan...

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