REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-04-09 23:15:15 (UTC)


hey guys wats cookin on your side of town? well heres wats
sizzling near me!

well i last night for some reason i couldnt fall asleep so
for a while i just layed in my bed thinking about stuff
and ecentually i fell asleep...well then i woke up got
ready for school and stuff and i drop my battin bag in the
room and i go to mrs connelly. I argued with her about the
school picture and she starts Bizitchin me about how shes
not sure if she can get me in..well she better cause i
really wanna be in it since its like my eights grade year!
*its all goin so fast* well mrs ocnnelly said that i have
to have a uniform and i didnt have it. so she was like ask
mrs korz or w/e and shes like the pic has to be takin
today and yeah she was bein a bizitch. so i caught mrs
korz right at the bell and i told her wat conelly siad and
shes like ok heres your uniform i go and i get my picture
takin! lol ok well then the day went on..pretty gay but
w/e softball was cancleed and we had study hall for gym!
we saw a preview of into the woods..it was pretty darn
good but im not goin to see the play know why?! you say
you dont know why?! did i hear you THINK and you
thinkingness told you you DONT know why?!!! good! know
why?! lol niether do i. sry i just ate cookies and really
hyper and bored. i have nothing to do...except homework or
w/e but i dont feel like doing homework just yet...so ill
do it later...i just have to do math *bu i dont have to do
it till the end of this week cause i was absent or w.e*
get my letter sighned for kwiatkowskie and um..study for a
vocab test...umm oh yeah! and i gotta get my permission
slip in..yep! well thats easy snuff!! i dont feel like
hitting the back space but snuff was really ment to be
stuff yeah lol!... i know how to speak pig latin guys!!!!

ouyay reay aygay! illkay ouryay elfsay! hahahhahaha :Pim
gonna take a shower tonight, actually yeah..im gonna
finish my homework and then hop into the shower cause
theres nothing better to do.

I hate people..people are gay
*Its times like these you realize who your real friends