Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
2003-04-09 22:45:56 (UTC)

another day in my life

yeah what a waste of a day that I could have slept in and
been all good. I don't know. Amber went it to someone eles
business again. I'm going too find it mad funny when she
gets her ass kicked. She needs to learn when it is ok to
but into other stuff and when to stay out. And Amanda
wants to kick Jiffy's ass for some odd reason and it would
be wicked funny if she did because Jiffy thinks she can
beat any one up. The other Amanda is going around telling
everyone she andCliff broke up, not like any one cared.
Today is Meg's birthday my little sister is 13 awwww. lol.
I got a 101 on my bio test yahoo. aren't you so proud!!
yeah well . . . I love how people think I'm so into how
someone looks but I really dont care what he looks like as
long as he isn't dirty and scummy. yeah and then people
tryto out do my with like ok I'm talking to so
and so and I got blah blahs number and lalal ect. It really
irks me!! But If you didn't know I dont care who's number
you got or who you are talking to unless your someone thats
like my sister! . . . And guess what, just like I said
Bobby didn't call and how much you want to bet he won't
call!! yeah so I set my self up for disappointment yet
again. I honestly think I'm never going to give my number
out again. I'm not really good with rejection, if you
haven't realized this. In two days its SPRING BREAK!!!!
hell yes. I just hope I do more then what I normally do,
other wise I'll be bored out of my mind. There is suppose
to be a kegger out in Solvay and then I'm also suppose to
go to Pete's house and chill at his party. Then Jon is
taking me to Red Lobster for my birthday because I have
never been. Isn't that wicked sweet. To get back to my
complaining. . . I hate when people tell me thing and try
to act like I give about what there telling me and it's
great how people ask me for advise then when I need there
is only like one person there for me. I know who my really
friends are. And people act like my life revolves around
them ::NEWS FLASH:: IT DOES NOT!!! People need to get off
there High ass horses and stop acting like there better
then people because I hate to be the one to tell you this
if you think you better then someone eles then your not!!
well I have done my complaining for the day