down in my eyes
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2003-04-09 20:46:18 (UTC)

(not) a punk, pop, rap, band.

I sat down to update my diary, & the girl next to me looked
over, 'n saw me updating myself on Bert McCracken's site.
We started talken about how they ROCK... 'n she proceeded to
tell me that her sister has his song, on her voicemail.
Hence, which led me to start self promoting.

Okay, not really 'self'. but, for those i love? Same thing.

Besides my LOVE- Bert & his boys... i led up to advertising for
Never Heard Of It. I haven't spoken with 'em in the Longest
time. but I couldn't help it. She had never heard of 'em,
which didn't suprise me. But, now, cuz of me, she gave me
her word to check 'em out. (which reminds me- i have to see
them. their tour's ending too soon.)

She asked me if they sound like The Used. Noooope. & i almost
felt insulted, when she called The Used a punk band. She asked
me if they're cute. Yuuuuup. & i even showed her their
website, so she could check 'em out, herself. Literally.

Oh, They were on POWER 106, last week. I'm so proud of
DJ & Jeff. & i can tell they're (slowly) getting bigger
'n better.

Pretty rad, if you ask me.