Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-04-09 19:13:13 (UTC)

I desever more respect

I can NOT fucking believe this fucking psycho bitch of a
gatekeeper. I have been trying to get in touch w/ the guy
in LV about a job, and his fucking bitch of an assistance
won't let me through. When I finally get through, he's
going to kill her for not letting me through. I have so
much info he can use to help his company, but she doesn't
want the competation against me, someone who knows what the
fuck she's doing, unlike this bitch.....

Let me tell you, if I have my way, and I will, trust me,
because I can do it... I will destroy this bitch!!!!!!!

GRRR off to work now... and of course i have a back to back
so I get off at 11p and have to be back at work at 7A. So
I can't go get fucked up tongiht over this stupid bitch...

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