Wo ist Amanda?
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2003-04-09 17:09:51 (UTC)

Drama King?

Why are guys so much drama? Why is it "drama
queen" and not "drama king"? Seriously, all I want to
do is go out with someone and not have to worry about
it getting all emotional. It always has to turn to," I love
you, marry me! I want to lose my virginity to you!" It's
killing me... Ever since I fell in love and lost him, I
figured I wanted to just have casual relationships until I
was older and more ready for something serious. But
nobody seems to understand that! So, what am I
supposed to do? I keep breaking all these guys'
hearts...but I don't mean to! In fact, I actually vowed to
never hurt someone the way Erick had hurt me...and
now I see myself not only doing the same thing, but
everytime they try to tell me how they feel, I understand
too much...and it's killing me! I'm not afraid of loving
someone again........that's a lie. I just always get this
gut feeling it is gonna turn out bad...and it always does!
So, what? Do they expect me to not go with my gut
feeling just so they don't get hurt?! The worst, yet
funniest part about all this, is that I am so not even hot!
I mean, hey, what do they see in me that I'm so blind