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2003-04-09 16:02:06 (UTC)

The Real World

I fucking love this show. So much in fact, that I am
writing a diary entry about it. I think it allows me a
glimpse into the lives of other girls. Sometimes I think I
am just a big huge lesbian. But I love my boyfriend so much
and the word bisexual just has been so overplayed it sounds
ridiculous to me. I mean, please. All of a sudden a few
years ago everyone was bi. I hate to lump myself in with
everyone else. We all want to be different. (Whilst fitting
And that is the problem.
Lauryn never called or showed up last night, which was fine
because I always have a really good time with boyfriend,
baby, cousin and husband. We got really good Chinese beer
(Tsing Tao) not sure of spelling, and ate veggie burgers
and played the game Cranium. It was fun, although my
cousin's husband is a really bad cheater and was caught
mouthing the words "Martha Stewart" to her in order to win
a round.
Anyway, I am getting off track. I missed the Real World
Reunion Show last night and was so sad. Boyfriend pointed
out that it will be played a million times over on reruns,
but I always feel like I will keep missing it. Oh, the
I actually hated this past season, but had to watch all the
episodes anyway. I just have to see this shite.
During last week's episode I actually began to tear up.
There, I said it.
God I am so ashamed.

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