Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-04-09 14:15:24 (UTC)

Fire in L Block

I am listening to a song that is going to be on Radiohead's
new album: 2 2=5.. it is so damn cool. I can't get enough
of it. Bloody hell i can't wait for this album to come out.
Radiohead are my favourite band in the world... hmm.. of
course my fav band is the smashing pumpkins, but they don't
exist anymore... they are but a memory. Hmm Radiohead are
still around and they make magical music. Ohhh yes.. well I
have said that this was going to be a Radiohead week, and I
am holding to that.. tommorrow I am going to look again for
my lost copy of "The Bends" (they're 2nd album)... I can't
see how it could not be in this house somewhere. hmmm i
need to find it.. it would be so appropriate if I found my
missing Radiohead CD during my Radiohead week. Today was
Wednesday, which means that I went to Uni... my first 2
tutorials were cancelled though.. it was quite strange. The
first one lasted for like 5 mins before the fire alarm went
and we all had to leave the building... my tutor said we
could go once we got out of the building so I did.. it
wasn't even a drill there was a fire truck and everything..
I didn't see the fire but I could smell smoke in the air...
I don't think it was anything big though.. cos they had all
packed up and left in like 30 mins... then my 2nd tutorial
of the day ended cos the guy just didn't show up.. I think
he's over seas at the moment.. hmm oh well. Today in
Creative writing my lecturer spoke about Lesbian fiction...
cos we all know why.. she's a lebian herself. Yeah it was
very pointless I thought... it had like no relevance to
anything.. I mean some of the stuff she said was quite
bias... but then by the end of lecture she did seem to have
a whole array of interesting stuff to show us.. quite
strange... hmmm... But still I thought the whole thing was
a bit pointless... i mean there was like on relevance to
any assessment or anything... it was just lesbian trivia
for all of those budding fans out there. Hmmm I always talk
about my creative writing lectures.. but really my favs are
my media text analysis ones.. cos my lecturer is so damn
cool and inspiring. Yeah.. he's like this 60 year old Irish
Man named Gary... he's just so passionate about things.. he
really makes the class well-interesting..not to mention
he's damn funny. ARGH! I hate you John Howard... the
bastard is thinking of raising prices on tertiary
education... like by a lot so that students wil have to pay
an approximate extra $8000 a year... son of a bitch! there
is a protest tommorrow.. I wanna got to it... but i don't
know if I will. Hmm we'll see... but yeah I hate all the
government parties in Australia.. I don't know who to vote
for. I mean the Liberals are incompetent, Labour are
manipulative hypocrytes, the Greens are clueless, One
Nation are Neo-Nazis and they don't even realise. hmmm I
think I will beceom a democrat.. they are the only party
who have not pissed me off..though they lack leadership...
damn it... I can't vote for them either... I will stick to
Independant votes I think... hmm life is tough being
18..hehehe. Oh wells, I'm feeling somewhat light at the
moment.. like there is nothing weighing me down at this
point of my life.. my sister went to see "The Lion, The
Witch and The Wardrobe" tonight... it would have been so
cool... my old drama and film and TV teacher, Josh, did
the designs for it.. that guy is such a legend. I wanna get
out there and act... just be a performer... get stuck into
my career! But now I will go to sleep I think.. so bye for