My Little World
2003-04-09 12:05:00 (UTC)

Ma Copain

yeah... i havent written in here for a long time and lauren
said i need to update so i am ganna!! it wont be very long
because i only have 15 mintues til the bell rings, but
that's ok!! i have to sing on saturday and i kinda want to
now....but thats ok!! yeah allen in moving on monday...i
am really sad, but things are going to work out for the
best for us!! 4 years and then i will never have to say
good-bye to him!!! i am ganna cry soooo hard on monday!!
it is not even going to be funny!! oh i'll get over it
(hopefully!!) wel, i gatta go!!! i'll write again later!!
buh bye!! ~Dani

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