Remember to Breathe
2003-04-09 08:32:22 (UTC)

sweet sixteen

Tonight was the Civic Tour concert. It was pretty fun, I
mean I got in there like I should've, so yeah, rock on.
One thing I've regretfully noticed is that now that Brett
knows that I like him he is avoiding me, completely. I
can tell every once in a while that he is looking at me,
but that's about it. He doesn't even hang out in the
party room as much as he used to. He might be going home
this weekend, but if he isn't I am going to have to talk
to him. I can't take this much longer, and I don't want
to leave after second semester not knowing. Then comes
summer, and I will either lose him completely to someone
else, or the distance will pull us apart even farther, if
that's possible. I don't yet know why I am so preoccupied
with a boy that I don't even know all that well, but I do
know that I have my mind set. He is who I want. No one
else will do for now, I'd rather be single than go after
somebody else right now. So that's that I guess.

"Laying on the summer grass, you told me not to talk so
fast as I told you how I feel."
-Good Charlotte-

p.s. not that i am a huge good charlotte fan, but it
seemed fitting, as I went to their concert tonight.