My Gay Misadventures
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2003-04-09 05:08:03 (UTC)

Meet the Pose

Hmmm...Michael and I seem to be growin on each other...he
has again spent the night, and stayed for 2 days...but
before that...He invited me to his fire troope practice, to
meet his Pose. They all are very friendly easy goin folks.
All seem to be goth. Needless to say I felt like the odd
one out, being the only one wearing color. I also saw him
fire dance for the first time...and might i say, Damn, he's
good. They have a Staff, Fan, and Flail (Michael) fire
dancers, (along with 2 fire breathers)...Interesting hobby,
but a lil too hot for me. Anyway, I dont think i will
introduce him to my 'friends'...Paul, maybe, but not
Dinky.Chuck. or J.-
Speakin of da bitches, Dinky called the other day and
asked for $10 for her phone bill, I said I didnt have any
money, and she said something along the lines of "Well, I
hope that AIDS virus kills you soon" then hung up. Im
really gettin tired of their crude dark evil sence of
humor...actually i dont find them humorous, just rude. Paul
made some points about them, and im concidering cutting off
contact with them. That or just ignore them, like Paul
does. Whatever happens...Michael wont get the 'luxary' of
meetin the trio.

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