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2003-04-09 04:01:33 (UTC)

Making Up

Well, I talked to Erin about it. And it turns out she was
pissed at me too. But we worked it out. And both
apologized. The thing is that I rarely get into fights
with my friends. So when they do happen, it throws me for
a loop. After about a year and a half of friendship, Chris
and I had our first fight yesterday. I'm not sure why
there aren't more fights, but it's probably (ok,
definitely) because I hate, hate, HATE confrontation. It's
just easier to move on.

So, that is that. Things are ok. I made my feelings known
and she asked that if I'm pissed for me to just tell her.
I told her I would try, but that it takes me a little bit
to think about what I want to say and how I'm feeling. So
there 'ya go.

I do want to thank those of you who left me notes to look
at the other side as well. We all do stupid things and you
just have to move on. Grudges are a waste of time.

I need to do my taxes.


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