lillian jeanne
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2003-04-09 02:58:01 (UTC)

been a while (w/song)

my bad - i havent written in a really long time! the USA is at
war...wish it would be kinda bored right now, dont feel
like studying for bio or soc anymore, therefore i wont! mad drama
here in the dorm - i hate it to be honest. im ready to go home and so
is EVERYONE else. mad drama. it was fun this weekend though -
bailey dean ralph and i got seriously messed up and it was
just fun -not so good that sam was trying to sleep while we
were partying but who the hell cares anymore! the only
people here that i still really talk to include allison nik
and bailey. pretty sad considering hte group i started
with. dena is a bitch and monkey is so far up her ass that
she's going to be comin out to say hello pretty soon. and
the other way areound too...something bout dena bitchin
allison out when it was monkey who did something and me and
raph sleeping in her room while she was gone cusae steph
and sam were drunk...and sam of course let all this out.
fuck that. im sick of well.. the drama! theres not better
way to put it! chris doesnt talk to me much anymore either,
that really sucks, everything is about softball and the
girls and vinnie and pun...i feel unloved! lol! but i still
got my baby and the people i need. anyway - i feel better
now...allison and i have a pinky swear to bitch eachother
out if hte other turns into what everyone else has...sounds
good... anyway - i guess its good night for now

"I wish you were inside of me I hope that you're ok I hope you're
resting quietlyI just wanted to say Goodnight Elisabeth
Goodnight Elisabeth We couldn't all be cowboys So some of
us are clowns Some of us are dancers on the midway
We roam from town to town I hope that everybody can find a
little flameMe, I say my prayers, then I just light myself
on fire And I walk out on the wire once again" -Counting
Crows Goodnight Elisabeth