even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2003-04-09 02:47:59 (UTC)

my dad was on inside edition...

so... thats it... he was... and, like, is he gonna be
famous? or like, that cheesey crap that im like, don't waste
my life by showing me this? he might be on of these like
cheese ball, overcome ridiculous odds... and he did.. at
lleast he didn't find jesus... so.. its kind of weird...
and my stomach hurts...

my grandmother told me this story about how her mother sent
her off to day camp when she was three, and how she didn't
want to go, and she told her mother, and her mother told her
'you don't knwo what camp is... go and we'll talk about it'
and made her go anyway, and then she went and hated it, and
told her mother that she didnt' like it, and her mother
told her, well.. too bad, we've paid for all summer anyway..
sorry.. and so my grandmother went to her room with a large
pair of scissors, and gathered all her hair in the front of
her head, and cut it all off... she then proceded to go back
to her mother with her hair in her hands, and said, 'see
mom, i can't go to camp no, i dont; have any hair' and her
mother said 'who says you can't go to camp?'

well... yea my stomach hurts.. my mom and her mom are
talking about rich guys and wether you should have sex with
or marry them... times are a'chang