skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-04-09 02:12:50 (UTC)

came in here with a broken heart....JFC

Today was a very tough day. It started off with me waking
up from this crazy dream. In the dream Me and a couple
people were smoking cigerattes. It was really weird. But I
only got 3 hours of sleep last night so i was really tired.
Then I was falling asleep during 1st period and my friend
Franco woke me up so i beat him up and I headbutted him.
Then aftre that i went back to sleep. Then during 2nd
period I turned in my awesome cartoon. Then 3rd period was
okk and so was 4th. Then during lunch I signed up to be in
ASB next year. Im running for athletic rep. I think i could
repersent the sports teams good. Then 5th was ok and 6th
was a little tiring. Then after school when i got home my
mom and I went to Black Angus and then we went to the mall
and I got my picture taken with the easter bunny. Now im
just in one of my thoughtful moods and it sucks. I think i
will just listen to music.Oh yeah I got to see Adrianna
today and that was really cool because shes my best friend.

Question of the day: Do any girls have any intrest in me?

Song of the day: "Bittersweet symphony" by The Verve

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