ramblings of this hopeless romantic
2003-04-09 01:59:22 (UTC)

psycho ppl need time to themselves

I'm fucking psycho. I went to Nate's senior recital and
every time he'd empty his spit the sound reminded me of
the ventilator in Dad's hospital room. I cried for the
first time in 4 months. Afterwards I went w/ Margaret to
the storage room and I just fell apart. Everyone who
walked in there most likely thinks I'm psycho. All I did
was cry for 20 mins straight. I let out every single
repressed feeling I've had since December. I hate myself
for crying in such a public place. Barret walked in at one
point...Margaret said that he stayed for a few mins but
left to practice a little. I don't want him to think I'm
psycho. I want to talk to him and confide in him so he'll
know WHY I'm so touchy-feely now. Ugh. I took his tie too.
I don't think he'll need it any time soon. If he does he
can ask me for it. I don't like him. Not the least bit.
Just as a friend. I just don't want him to think I'm
psycho. Ugh. I need to go finish work and devise a way to
get me stuff that I'll need to go to Hilton Head this

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