2003-04-09 00:23:07 (UTC)

missin' him so bad

man i have never missed someone as much as i miss my baby.
hopefully i can talk and see to him today since i have
nowhere to be today. when i talk to damian it is an
immediate uplifting on my heart and soul. it just puts me
in an instant good mood. it's amazing how he has such
great timing when i need it. the other day i was getting
so frustrated over something that wasn't worth it and he
just happened to call. man i was so surprised and ecstatic
that he called. the thing that was bothering me b4 no
longer seem to get to me anymore. my baby is the sweetest
and it makes me feels so amazing and awesome. listen to a
message he sent me on this thing after he read the last
entry: "Babes,
your the greatest, never in my wildest dreams could i find
some one who can love me as much as you do, you mean teh
world too me i can love no other than you my sugadoll.
all the love in me to you
Damian" man i've never been with anyone this great and
i feel so blessed as to have him in my life. I'll tell him
over and over how much i love him but he'll never know.
Words will never be able to even begin to express my
feelings for him. he stirs up emotions and feelings i've
never knew i had before. i know that we both can teach
each other a lot in life too since we were raised in
different parts of the world. i can spend the rest of my
life with this man and still be surprised by him. he has
so much to share as do i and we're just so perfect for
each other, its so incredible. i gotta get going my baby
just came online and i'm gonna chat with him. song of the
entry: "more than words can say"-Eric Clapton