All That I Am
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2003-04-08 22:40:41 (UTC)

Manufactory of Echoes

"Education is a state-controlled manufactory of echoes."
-Norman Douglas

I was talking with Jennifer today...actually about 5mins
ago....about education and growing up and whatnot and how
schools are different....from state to state and then from
country to country. Jennifer attended school while her
father was stationed in Italy and she was saying how they
put more emphasis on art and language (foreign) and just
culuralism in general. I started school when I was in
Germany (kindergarten - 3rd grade)and I remember they would
have a german teacher come in 2 or 3 times a week to teach
us german. It's weird because so many scientific studies
show that kids learn other languages faster because their
brains are developing so fast and whatnot and yet here in
the states they don't make learning it necessary until high
school or even college. It's kind of pathetic. I remember
growing up there were a lot of classes were you would just
come to class read out of the book and leave. No discussion
or anything thought provoking involved just read and

That quote from Norman Douglas is so true. There are of
course exceptions to everything but I think too many
schools are just so dull and the whole purpose is to learn
and encourage growth through knowledge but it comes so
routine after awhile. I think one such case is busy work.
Why? I think it's laziness on the part of the teacher when
all they want to do is get through the semester or school
year. If you're going to give someone work at least let it
have a purpose. I think if I ever had a kid I would put
them in a private school. Because, well depending on the
school, they're going to get a better education and the
class size is smaller and whatnot and you can build a
better repoire with the teachers and faculty.

I have 40mins until I head off to the gym and I just wanted
to write down what was going through my head after Jennifer
and I had talked. I think it's very interesting and just
sad overall...the situation with education in a lot of
schools. Okay I think I'm done now. Later.