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2003-04-08 21:40:59 (UTC)

too much damn rain

Ugh...more rain. Woke up this morning w/ major cramps and
Nurse Gail wouldn't excuse me from English. I don't really
care...but it hurt to stand up and such this morning. Oh
well. I'll quit bitching.

It is STILL raining. Don't get me wrong, I like the rain
alright just not this much. I really hope the weather is
nice this weekend in Hilton Head. I'm looking forward to
walking on the beach...relaxing...being away from Gov
School....and Greenville in general....Hopefully I'll have
my music down by the first rehearsal there (Saturday). I'm
staying w/ Katie Peterson's parents along w/ Stephanie
Seymore, Emily Chapman and Allison Whittle. Hah Nate and
Jason have to stay tog. That should be interesting. What's
even more interesting is Jamie and Andrew Brock having to
stay tog this weekend. Hah. Can't wait to hear the
bitching about that situation. Heh.

Now that I think about it...I haven't talked to Adam since
Prom. Oh well. I know we're never going to be anything
more than friends....not if I have anything to do with it.
Itz not that I don't like him at all, I just don't like
him that way....I probably came off as liking him more
than that Wow...I must be in some
latency period or something....for once I don't like
anybody and no one likes that way of course.
Sometimes I want someone to like me....but not now. Too
much stress and drama. I wouldn't want to scare anyone
away by my bitching and such. Heh I'm still listening to
my pre-Prom cd. Oh well. I like all the songs. They got me
into the 'Prom' mood Saturday while getting ready w/
Marge. Just about all of the songs except one or two
weren't played at all. Oh well. I don't really care.
They're just songs.

I just noticed that I've been writing really long journal
entries lately....that and really long emails to my friend
Michael from home. I haven't talked to him all year except
the last time I went home for Spring Break. He's kinda
like, he's not girly, but he's like I was before
I came to Greenville. I always questioned why ppl were
friends w/ me and such--my quirks, my attitude,
everything. The last time I talked to him online he asked
me why I was friendly to him. I honestly don't remember
why. I always liked him. He was nice to me and I like nice
ppl. That and my nature is to be nice to ppl. If I'm mean
I don't mean to be. Ewww I just noticed the part of my
finger that's been gouged out somehow....oops tangent...

Oh well...I should get to work so I can finish this work
for chemistry before Nate's recital tonight at 7:30. I
know he's gonna do awesome. He always does.

Currently listening to: Cole Porter - So in Love
hehe pre-Prom music is fun :)