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2003-04-08 21:29:35 (UTC)

The April Fools Trick or The day I left work to cry in my car

My best male friend is dating my best girlfriend. Me and
the male friend are joining a gym together as we work
together and spend most of our days together. He wanted me
to go with him to check the gym out and being funny I told
him," Only if you make out with me in the sauna."
I make these comments frequently in a flirty, though
noncommital and completely meaningless and harmless way and
he always blushes, which is the desired effect. Anyhow,
today we were talking over IM, though he is 5 cubicles away
and he starts to tell me that I am an unloyal friend to her
and that he knows I was not joking and that if he had said
yes I would have screwed him in the sauna. Oh my God. I
totally do not like him like that and I was trying to
explain and he would not listen to me. No matter what I
said he would not listen, and kept insisting I was serious.
He said he would not tell his girlfriend or my fiance, but
that I needed to watch what I said from now on.
This went on for almost an hour before he told me that he
was joking. By this point I was already about to leave work
early, because I was so disturbed I could not concentrate.
I got up and went out to my car and bawled my eyes out.
What a bastard.
Now he is bribing me back into the friendship by offering
me ice cream. After work he is taking me.
"Like a real date?" I asked him.
I could not resist.

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