down in my eyes
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2003-04-08 20:30:17 (UTC)

I doooooo.

Some doode stole a shirt from the shop this morning.
He's the second or third thief we've had in the last
couple months. It's ironic tho, cuz you'd think that i
know a thief's mind... Yet they still get away. I
always realize afterwards tho. But, next time, i won't
let them get away. Oh, no. Or i'll bust out with my
Whiiiipp Assss.

Not really. But, yeh.

This computer's keyboard is weird. It's separated in a
strange way, 'n the wrist rest is different than wut
i'm use to. The mouse is filthy, & i'd rather not be
here, but i have no other choice.

& I miss you. I do, do, do.

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