random scribbles
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2003-04-08 20:27:18 (UTC)

i'll never have wanted to not have what we went through

[mood - how can i feel happy on a day like]
[music - today when i can't even breathe?]

i'll never figure that boy out. and the more i try to do
it, the more i love him. aaahhh well.

we had a big yearbook meeting today. it sucked. lucy sat
there looking awkward and nobody was willing to do anything
apart from me and rosa, and rosa had to leave early anyway.
so basically not much got done. these commitments always
seem like a good idea at the time... really...

*there's something about the look in your eyes;
something i noticed when the light was just right.
it reminded me twice that i was alive.
and it reminded me that you're so worth the fight.*

i knew if i saw him today, i'd cry, and i did.

(punk)anna - he's basically a bastard. a very pretty
bastard, maybe...

we bitched about people whose names begin with the letter
L, though this might only apply to girls. and thats only
the ones we know, not everyone, by any means (sorry -
really not trying to offend anyone here)

hmmm, so tonight, i am staying in on my own and watching
one hour photo, and it's really nice to do that. but i am
wishing that a certain person was here with me. wearing his
trendy jeans and chambray shirt and woolly jumper, and his
hair all ruffled up, and his eyes with that - i know all
the pain you've experienced, and all i want to do is make
it better for you - look they have.


i'm reading a john irving novel at the moment. they always
make me happy. but i think it might time for yet another
read of catcher in the rye... my copy looks much less
battered than jacob's copy of the great gatsby... he is
winning the favourite novel race :)

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