All That I Am
2003-04-08 19:34:44 (UTC)

Blame It On The Rain

Weather plays a big factor in people's emotions I've come
to realize. It's so freakin' rainy around here that I tend
to get so lazy and tired and just blah. But when the sun's
out and it's warm outside I just liven up. I honestly can't
wait till summer rolls around and I'm not usually a summer
person but that was because I lived in Texas where summers
were unbearable but here I highly doubt it'll get 100
degrees. And if it does probably w/o all the humidity. It's
a really nice day today though and I feel like going for a
walk or something.

It's funny because we have signs in the computer lab that
clearly say "NO CELL PHONES". They're all over the place
and yet there are people that sit on the chairs or even at
the front desk and just chat away like nothing and then
when they're told no cell phones allowed in the lab they
have attitude. Can you use a cell phone in the library? No,
and it's kinda the same atmosphere here too, students are
studying and they don't want to here what Becky was saying
about Steven. I swear some people are just a little dense.

I did a major no no today, I skipped breakfast. I'm suppose
to be eating a big breakfast so I won't be so hungry
through the rest of the day but I was running late this
morning and I completely forgot about it and now I think I
could eat everything in BurgerKing.

Okay my train of thought is completely off so I'm going to
go and chow down. Later.