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2003-04-08 18:54:22 (UTC)


She called me last night and said she wanted to hang out
tonight. We are going to dinner, me, boyfriend, and baby
over to my cousin's house. She is dramatic as hell and has
an equally comical boyfriend. He is 6 foot 6 inches and
dumb as a rock. They fight constantly and I am so amused by
this. Anyway, she is going to go through a true test
tonight. I have to see if she can hang. All of my friends
are quite eccentric in their own ways. If she is not able
to deal with them and learn to be amused my things that are
usually horrifying to others, she is not for me.
We will see. She says she just wants to hang out and does
not care what we do. This is a good sign. She said lets
hang out/make out. She told me she thinks I am a babe and
she has a crush.
Flattery will get you everywhere with me. Seriously.
For the boyfriend's birthday I am planning a fabulous night
of going out to this huge ship in the downtown area of
where we live. We are going to sleep in the ship's hotel
quarters and go to dinner at the ship's murder mystery
theater. We are going to get drunk as hell and tour the
ship and I am going to make him one happy man. I plan on
taking advantage of him on deck and then throwing myself
With pleasure.