DayDream Believer
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2003-04-08 16:14:28 (UTC)

Dear S*

I never thought I would write this letter to you, you`re
goodbye letter, but I think that is the best for all of us.
You wil never understand me or my actions,I wish you could,
but that would mean that I had to tell you things I dont
dear to tell.
Nobody will ever know, its gonna be my secreet for ever.
The reason I have to give you up is that Im in love in an
illution I have of you. I use most of the time in my life
to daydreams and fantasys and there some place are you
living youre best days S*. Youre maade of reallity and
fantasy to fill in the wholes.
Im so touched of this illution that I no longer care of
reallity anymore.
Its not gonna be easy to let you go, it wont pass in one
day and some times Im gonna forget myself and let illution
S* into my life agen, let you be the reason I go in to our
chat room, an old habbit or walk down pass your house, but
Im gonna try my best not to do it to manny times.
I did and do love you verry much, you collourd my life in
so manny ways, with Jewel, Formula 1 and cow and chicken,
thank you verry much!
I admirer you with no limits as a person and Im forever
thankful for getting to know you.
Unfortunaly things has come to a point where its not
working anymore. I dont wish to say it but, its the right
thing to do, so my dear; Farevel!