Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-04-08 06:08:43 (UTC)

running the gauntlet

i want to leave, just pack up and go

i've thought about it... but until november
once all my other obligations are met
and i can pack my shit and fuck off

thats all i really have left...

my word... my promises... to those
around me to whom i've made them

i mean, if i can't hold my word, or
whatever to those people who count
on me, or to do the things i've said i will
do, then how can anyone else actually
expect me to uphold my word?

sigh... I have too much to do right now,
too many things to put into place, too
many obligations, too much

fucking everything...

so, i think i will do what needs to be done
and then move...

set up myself in victoria, or toronto, maybe
edmonton, or montreal, perhaps even
somewhere in bc... i dunno...

but i have a promise to keep already for
next year... and i look forward to keeping

in fact, i've already made some of the
arrangements, who knows... it could be
the most wonderful event of my life..

i hope so... we shall see...

cynics and pessimists... are we

but in the end...

it's the things we hold close to ourselves

and to our sense of being that matter most.

and in this, we cannot, must not fail...

and we shant... time, is all we have...

lets spend it wisely....