life's weird
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2003-04-08 05:29:31 (UTC)

stupid people piss me off

ok im not saying im amazingly smart--we all know that is
far from true-- but at least i think about things and form
opinions, ya know? so my dance class as PBS is comprised
of two different types of girls. one) long hair, tight
pants, skimpy shirts, abercrombie, makeup, trendy,
highlighted hair... you know the type. well all of the
older girls are like this (and a few of the little little
ones). two) hoochie-mama, tiny shirts, ERALLY low-rise
pants, tiny skirts, big big platforms, LOTS of eye sure u know that type as well. see about these
two stereotypes: i dont mind that people are like that,
its cool as long as they have a fun personality, ill be
interested in talking to them. the problem is that they
don't have a personality beyond that, they fit these
stereotypes as if they created them! it's RIDICULOUS!
*sigh* so i was watching while J was giving some
directions about "boys" (the britney spears song that i,
THANK GOD, am not in) and the girls she wasn't directly
talking to were sitting, staring at the mirrors with the
blankest looks you will ever see. there was NOTHING there.
and no, it wasnt that i just saw nothing, it was that i
KNOW they weren't thinking about anything. I cannot STAND
my dance class. if it werent for the fact that ive learned
more than i have in 7 years in this class, i would drop
OH! so i walk in today to jazz four and kim (the dance
teacher) says "where have you been? i feel like you've
been gone forever?" i couldn't believe her. and then when
i told her that i had said before i left where i was going
and how long i'd be gone, she said that it wasn't true!
AH!!!!!!. I can't STAND this woman! I'm like the worst
dancer in 5 and i have a life beyond dating and
aferschool dance (which is much more than i can say for
most of those girls). and then she was talking about show
like "i dunno if u can do it if u miss anymore, blah blah
blah" so i told her id be fine if i didn't do it (im only
in one number now anyways) and she got mad and was
like "but i want you to work hard!" i dunno im pissed at
her. not like shell notice tho. oh well. stupid dance